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1980 Washington Street #107
San Francisco, CA

We're a fair trade fashion brand that heroes global textile traditions and supports native artisan communities.


About Us


Hi there. We’re The & Collection and we’re here to give a high five to cultural differences.

We’re a new fashion label with old designs. Really old. Like hundreds of years kind of old. Because all of our textiles come from a long line of master craftsmen and we want those traditions to continue and prosper.

How do we do that? Thank you for asking. The & Collection celebrates and supports unique cultures by making artisans our partners. When we see something beautiful in our travels, we don’t hire the cheapest bidder to copy it (like many in the fashion industry). We hire the original craftspeople to keep doing what they do best. In that way, we’re committed to developing local businesses by promoting entrepreneurship, prosperity and dignity in underdeveloped areas. Oh yeah, and making really, really, really beautiful garments.

& is a connector. It’s all right there in our name. We connect artisans who still practice ancient textile techniques with a global market of fashionistas who appreciate craft, beauty and authenticity.