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1980 Washington Street #107
San Francisco, CA

We're a fair trade fashion brand that heroes global textile traditions and supports native artisan communities.


& Udaipur

Block printing is the earliest, simplest, and most time consuming of all methods of textile printing in India. First, woodworkers hand-carve intricate patterns into blocks of dense rosewood. The blocks are then dipped in vegetable dye and firmly pressed onto stretched fabric with precise repetition. Once the pattern fills the entire length of the fabric, it is dried in the sun, rolled in newspapers, and steamed in special boilers. Then they're washed, dried in the sun again, and ironed. Each of these steps lock the pigments into the fabric, making the colors rich and vibrant. The process is long, but the results have a tactile, artistic, no-one-else-has-this-exact-pattern kind of quality.